The current society is dominated by high-tech devices and the internet. Naturally, most people nowadays prefer meeting people online, via dating and matchmaking sites and apps. Even though these sites are really popular nowadays, social media networks like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram also have an important role when it comes to dating and other amorous activities. Today, we are going to focus on Twitter. I would be releasing 4 erotic accounts you should follow on the app.

SheffCouple– handle: @SheffCouple

A couple from Sheffield, UK own and run this extremely erotic and classy Twitter account. They post erotic and soft porn content in the form of classy and artistic photographs. This means that if you are in need of subtle naughtiness, the sheffcouple is the right account for you.


kinkly – handle: @kinkly

Unlike most erotic accounts on twitter, this here is quite informative and also enlightening when discussing sex topics. You can always find suggestions, tips and also advice on how to perform well in bed, and also how to satisfy your partner better. The profile provides accurate information for followers about safe sex, sex toys and many other naughty topics.

Nina Hartley – handle: @ninaland

This is a very successful account when it comes to prevalent erotic profile on the social network. In the words of Nina Hartley which is the owner, “keeping it sexy & real since ’82”. Nina has lots of experience when it comes to kinky sex, and she always posts high-quality content. She happens to be a mentor, feminists and also entertainer.

Good in Bed – handle: @goodinbed

This is one of the most educative accounts that discuss critical sexual topics. Here, they also teach people about all kinds of sex, means of protection and potential risks. You can find loads of interesting tweets and articles here about particular taboo topics. The admin also ensures that useful tips are provided which can be applied in real life.