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Who are the top pornstars on Twitter in 2018

Twitter is one of the most popular social networks today, with many uses found in its 140 characters per tweet, some even use it to find their favorite pornstar namestweeting about, and seeing as it’s a social network, it is oftentimes used for self-promotion.  And who does self-promotion better than pornstars? These bombshells send tweets left and right, from barely-18 teens to stars of milf porn they’ve all got a Twitter. While this may not come as a surprise some of the most popular names might, so without further ado, these are the top Pornstars on Twitter in 2018:

1. Nikki Delano at 1,348,404 followers

Nikki Delano might not be the most famous pornstar according to most metrics, heck a lot of us might not know her, however if the Italian bombshell got something right, that’s the fan engagement, nearing 1.5 million followers, she’s soon to be one of the biggest names in the whole porn industry. Nikki’s success on Twitter can largely be attributed to her more risqué and thought provoking tweets, some of which are unlike the traditional presentation of a pornstar. Despite this, most of them are still good ol’ nudity.

who follows pornstars on twitter

3.Riley Reid at 942,603 followers

Riley is another massive name in porn, she’s right behind Alexis, with only 2054 followers less. Her Twitter is a bit different than the last two in that Riley posts a fair amount less of naked pictures, a lot of her Tweets are actually just jokes and passes at the industry or its perception, some are just the regular kind of ‘slut’ humor  such as ‘I’ve eaten my weight in cum’ which is supposed to show her empowerment as a woman.

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